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The backruns that hooked me

This little 7x5 painting might be the one that started it all.

A stranger in an online group about gardening posted a photo of some flowers her neighbor shared with her. I wasn't interested in growing them, but I immediately wanted to paint them. I asked her permission to use the photo as a reference and, on a spring afternoon, dragged my painting supplies out during a visit to my brother's house.

I remember sitting at a wooden picnic table with my little paint set. Painting was going to be something I did to pass time while I watched my kids on the playground and visited with my family. I watched with delight as the peachy orange center formed with backruns (a watercolor technique in which different consistencies of paint interact to push each other and form an edge). I was hooked. I had to paint more.

"Shared Peonies" is displayed in my solo exhibition "Collective" at Kairos Massage & Skincare in Elizabethtown, PA. The show features 35 little artworks across various themes by an artist joyfully meandering down a new path.

Contact me for purchase of prints.

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