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Jenna Minor Kline is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an artist working in watercolor and drawing media. She earned her certificate in Massage Therapy in 2024 and her Bachelor of Science in Art Education in 2004. Jenna sees her unique blend of therapeutic massage and art as a natural continuation of her focus on connection and pause. In massage, we use therapeutic touch to connect the client to their own body and wellness. In art, we use images to connect the viewer to their own experiences and ideas. Both disciplines are focused on pause, a body at rest in a busy world and an image stilled forever. 


As an LMT, Jenna focuses on therapeutic muscle and soft tissue treatment with the client's wellness goals always at the forefront. Some benefits of sessions can be relaxation, pain relief, increased range of motion, improved sleep, decreased stress, improved digestion, rehabilitation, reduction of muscle tension, and increased body awareness. 


As an artist, Jenna focuses on small artworks, some less than a square inch in size and set inside jewelry. This is a captured moment for the wearer to carry with them all day. Jenna enjoys illustrating moments of connection- connection with self, connection with others, connections with nature, connection with the Creator.

Jenna says, "When I see something that gives me pause, I want to process it in artwork. I have always been anxious and struggled to find peace. When I encounter a moment of peace or mindfulness in a visual source, I want to preserve that moment. It can be a quiet farm scene, a vase of flowers that you want to press your nose to, or anything else true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy. In painting or drawing, I can live that moment for all those hours of creating and share that with viewers. After being a client for years and displaying my artwork in a massage therapy studio, I discovered the overlap of art and massage." 

Jenna's goals as an LMT are to be present with each client. She enjoys thinking critically about treatment plans and assessing the muscle, fascia, and joints to respond to their needs in line with the client's wellness goals. Her own future goals for continuing her education include: manual lymphatic massage, prenatal massage, infant massage, scar care, and to increase her proverbial toolbox of therapeutic techniques. 

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