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Massage Therapy Policies & Procedures

1. Massage treatments take place in the therapist’s home office. Clients need an appointment to receive services, to purchase products or gift cards, or to come into the office for any reason. The exception to this is when an open house or event is advertised.

2. Client intake forms, health histories, and pre-treatment consultation are important for the therapist to provide safe and effective treatments. Please be prepared to complete these forms prior to or at your first appointment. This information is used to create a massage therapy treatment plan. It is your responsibility to update the therapist about any changes in your health prior to each treatment.

3. Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment time so your treatment can begin on time. Appointments include time to review your health intake form, consultation, and time to change clothing. If a client is late, the time will be deducted from the session. If a client is more than 15 minutes late, it is up to the discretion of the practitioner to decide if the session can be completed at all. Full payment for the scheduled session is required.

4. Massage therapy is contraindicated in some circumstances. Sometimes treatments can be adapted to the situation, but occasionally service must be denied for the health of the client. If the therapist cancels your treatment due to a contraindication, you will not be responsible for payment for the undelivered service.

5. The therapist will not provide massage treatment to an intoxicated client.

6. Cancellations require 24 hours notice or incur a re-booking fee of 50% of the cost of the scheduled session. No-show/No-call situations will require full payment for the scheduled session. The $1 online scheduling fee is a non-refundable deposit. 

7. Day-of cancellation of a prenatal treatment attributed to illness due to pregnancy (“morning sickness”) will be pardoned for the first occurrence if the client reschedules the appointment. No re-booking fee will be charged. Subsequent occurrences are subject to the regular cancellation and no-show/no-call policies outlined in this document.

8. At any time while the therapist is working with you, if anything she asks, says, does, or any treatment causes you discomfort, it is your responsibility to let the therapist know immediately so the concern can be addressed and/or the session can be adapted for your comfort.

9. When the client gets on the treatment table, he/she will cover their body from shoulders to feet with the provided sheet. The majority of the client’s body will be covered by a sheet during your session. The therapist will undrape one area at the time to provide the treatment and re-drape it when the area is done. If your draping does not feel secure or private enough, please address your concern to the therapist immediately so she can adapt the session for your comfort.

10. The office location is home to two cats. The treatment area is cleaned weekly to be as free from allergens as possible, and efforts are taken to keep the cats out of the treatment area entirely. Clean sheets are applied to the table prior to your session to avoid contamination. If you are severely allergic to cats, please carefully consider precautions for your health if you choose to schedule treatment at Mountain & Meadow LLC.

11. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the premises including outdoors.

12. Security devices are enabled throughout the location and in the treatment room for the safety of the therapist.

13. The therapist tries to keep conversation to a minimum during treatments. This allows clients to relax and focus on their own bodies while the therapist can concentrate on providing the best treatment possible. Discussion about the pressure, techniques, and your treatment are always welcome.

14. The therapist uses her hands, forearms, elbows, thighs, shoulder, and body to maneuver the client and apply therapeutic techniques. Massage can be provided to these areas on clients: back, glutes, legs, feet, abdomen, arms, hands, upper pectoral area, neck, face, and scalp. The client shall not touch the therapist.

15. Use language that is appropriate for a healthcare setting. Language of an abusive or sexual nature, including gestures and innuendos, will result in the session ending immediately. Full payment for the scheduled session will be required.

16. The therapist reserves the right to end the session if she feels her safety or integrity is compromised. The client will leave the property immediately. Full payment for the scheduled service will be required. 

17. Scheduling an appointment with Mountain & Meadow LLC constitutes agreement to abide by these policies and procedures.

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