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  • Why are you combining Massage Therapy and Art in a business?
    The simple answer is, "because they are linked." They both make us feel better. They are both self-care, self-connection, communication, a reaching out towards others, therapy, and a way to be still in a chaotic world. The combination isn't very graceful at this time, but as the discovery comes into focus more in my own mind, the link will become more apparent in my business. Thank you for coming along on this journey!
  • Do you offer tours of your art studio?
    I frequently share news from my art studio, tips and tricks, new artworks, and photos of the studio cats on my social media accounts. The best way to get a peek at the studio is to schedule a massage therapy appointment. The studio doubles as an office, and clients walk right through it on the way to the massage treatment area.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Comfortable clothing is always a good idea. Be aware that massage creams and oils might be applied during your session and could transfer to clothing.
  • What clothing should I remove or keep on during my treatment?
    The therapist can work best if you remove all of your clothing. Your privacy will be maintained by professional draping techniques. However, you may keep your underwear on if you are more comfortable that way. You can even choose to keep all of your clothing on and the therapist will adapt the treatment to use mostly compression techniques.
  • How will the therapist maintain my bodily privacy?
    During our pre-session consultation, you and the therapist will discuss which areas she intends to massage and areas to be avoided. You can request the therapist skip any areas of your body you do not want touched. The therapist avoids the inner upper thigh, genitals, groin, gluteal cleft, and female breasts. A sheet will be used for draping which provides privacy to the client. Each area of the body will be undraped only while it is being treated. Generally the gluteal area is massaged through the sheet unless specific consent is given for treatment requiring undraping of the muscular area. The therapist will always ask the client if they are ready (undressed and covered with the sheet or dressed) before entering the room.
  • Is it ok to say hello if I see the therapist outside of the office?
    Yes, certainly. For your privacy, the therapist will NOT acknowledge you first but will respond if you say hello. If you want to discuss your treatments, please call the office phone number or email or schedule an appointment using online booking.
  • Are 60-minute sessions a full 60 minutes or does that include the consultation?
    You will receive a full 60-minute treatment when you schedule a 60-minute treatment! Arrive at your scheduled time and the therapist will begin with an intake consultation. My online booking plans time for you to change your clothes, have your full treatment, and dress again. Make sure you allow yourself enough time in your day! For example: If you schedule a 9:00 AM Therapeutic Massage of 60 minutes, plus a Dry Brush Add-on of 15 minutes, you should plan to arrive at 9:00 AM and be in the office until 10:30 or 10:45 AM.
  • Should I tip my massage therapist?
    It is common to provide monetary gratuity but it is never an obligation. If you feel that your therapist has provided excellent service, a tip will be appreciated.
  • What if I do something embarrassing like fall asleep, snore, drool, pass gas, or get an erection?
    During massage treatments, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and promotes relaxation. This system has been nicknamed "rest, digest, feed, and breed." When bodies relax, nature happens. Professional healthcare practitioners, like your LMT understand this and know how bodies function and it's not a big deal to us. In the case of sexual arousal, it is important to recognize that this is not ever the intent of the therapist. This can happen because the genitals (which will never be touched by the therapist) are innervated by the same nerve bundles as other body parts the therapist does work, such as the glutes, hips, abdomen, or thighs. The therapist will restate the professional boundaries of massage treatment to insure clear communication. The therapeutic massage can continue if BOTH the client and therapist are comfortable with proceeding and the techniques will be changed for the comfort of both. With continued experience of therapeutic massage, this bodily reaction will probably occur less often. The therapist reserves the right to end the session at any time if she feels her safety or integrity are compromised in any way. Sexual innuendo, advances, jokes, or touch WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • Can you do chair massages for more than 8 people?
    Right now, 8 is my own limit. I can, however, help you find another Licensed Massage Therapist (or 2 or 3) that I can work alongside for your event. Send an email to to discuss the needs for your event.
  • Do you accept commissions to create new artwork?
    Sometimes I do accept commissions, but I do not accept every commission. If you have a photograph you'd like to show me, you can email me at to discuss your ideas. I do not copy the work of other artists.
  • What kind of paper are the reproductions/prints on?
    I proudly offer only archival high-quality substrates. I have matched each artwork with the paper that suits it best, and it is listed in the "Size" dropdown menu along with the print size. The print is unbordered and will be printed to the edge on the size paper selected. Moab Entrada Rag Natural is a finely textured, 100% cotton, warm white, fine art paper of archival quality. It looks great for drawings done in conte on warm colored paper. Moab Entrada Bright White is a finely textured, 100% cotton, bright white, fine art paper of archival quality. The watercolor paper I use for my prints is Epson Premium Watercolor paper. It is a moderately textured, coldpressed, bright white, 100% cotton, fine art paper. It is archival quality too and pairs beautifully to create prints of watercolor paintings that could be mistaken for originals. I also offer reproductions on archival canvas. The edges are gallery-wrapped and printed with a reflection of the piece so the sides look great too. The benefit of canvas is that it comes stretched, wired, and ready to hang. You save on framing costs!
  • What is a "giclee" print?"
    "Giclee" is a French word pronounced "gee-clay" in a the lovely way of combining a G and Z that only the French can do. It means "to squirt." Simply put, this is a kind of high quality inkjet printing using light-fast ink. Whereas a home printer or business printer might use 5 ink colors, a professional art printer should be using 12 colors. My art prints use archival quality ink and archival quality paper.
  • How do I know if an original artwork in your Gallery is framed or unframed?  Do you offer framing as an added service?
    If I have framed a piece for a show, then I sell it in the display frame. When you choose an original artwork from the "Size" dropdown box, it will state the size of the artwork and "painting" or "painting and frame." If only "painting" is listed then I do not add a frame to the piece. I do not offer additional framing of artworks or prints.
  • What kind of training do you have?
    I am an LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Pennsylvania. I have completed 600 hours of professional massage therapy education, passed the MBLEx licensure exam, Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter training, American Red Cross CPR training, and sexual violence prevention training. I am eager to learn and will continue to expand my offered modalities and techniques in coming years. I also have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education with additional credits in classroom management and reading education.
  • I'm local. Can I pick up my art order to avoid shipping?
    MASSAGE & WELLNESS PRODUCTS- Yes, you can arrange to pick-up from the office by emailing me at Please note that there are no open office hours or a retail shop. You must schedule a time to pick-up. ORIGINAL ARTWORKS- You can arrange to pick up an original artwork from the studio by emailing me. I love to avoid shipping originals! PRINTS & REPRODUCTIONS- I order fine art prints to fill each order when it is placed and do not carry an inventory at my studio. The printing company directly ships the fine art prints to my clients on my behalf therefore shipping charges cannot be avoided.
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