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Jenna's Top 5 Affordable Gifts for Little Artists -Plus- One for Yourself

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

My Top 5 Affordable Gifts for Little Artists -PLUS- 1 for Yourself

IKEA Mala Easel- For only $19.99 you can give this BIG gift! Pair it with the Mala paper roll for $4.99 and the artist will be prepared when inspiration strikes. The Mala paintbrushes for $2.99 are sweet too. The bristles are soft synthetic rather than the stiff plastic of most brushes marketed for children.…/p/mala-easel-softwood-white-50021076/

Prang Semi-Moist Watercolor 16 pan set- This student grade paints are vibrant, pigmented, and non-chalky. They are only $4.66. Pro-tip: Mix the blue-violet with the green with minimal water to make a deep dark color instead of using black paint.…/Prang-Semi-Moist-Waterco…/14881914

Canson XL Watercolor Paper- $5.97 gets you 30 sheets of this surprisingly thick paper. It has a nice coldpressed texture and holds the Prang watercolors well. It’s hobby/student grade is perfect for a beginner of any age because it’s inexpensive but not frustrating quality.…/Canson-XL-Watercolor-Art…/34580244

Crayola Model Magic 6 Color Set- This sculpting dough isn’t sticky or crumbly. It’s smooth and easy to use and long as you press pieces together well. Seal it back in the bag to reuse it later or you can air dry your creation! It’s just $6.99. More advanced little artists can use the white dough and then paint it with acrylic paint.…/-/A-75000209

uCreate Premium Drawing Paper Sketch Pad- A protective black cover shields your paper so you can take this mini-book with you everywhere. The spiral binding makes it easy to remove pages for display too. At $4.49 it’s super affordable for 75 sheets of acid-free paper.…/-/A-51633877

Ready for the Bonus Gift for Yourself? Pick up some Format Frames by Studio Décor! Giving their artwork the star treatment encourages your little creator to keep working and trying. Use a couple of these inexpensive snap front frames to make a gallery wall to display their most recent works. The best of the older works can be filed into an over-sized folder made of a folded piece of poster board. Most work that comes home from school Art class will be on 9x12 and 12x18 paper. Regular classrooms might use 8.5x11 paper. These frames are almost always BOGO Free or 50% off (plus check Amazon for deals). Don’t be afraid to pick up some smaller ones for those sketchbook drawings too!…/10283035.html

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