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Jenna Minor Kline Art Studio

Updated: May 22

If you've been following Jenna Minor Kline Art Studio, you might be wondering if you're in the right place. Yes, you are! And you are welcome here!

The studio has grown into Mountain and Meadow Massage Therapy and Art Studio as Jenna has become a Licensed Massage Therapist. The overlap between art, self-care, and wellness has inspired this development. While art remains central to Jenna's identity and self-care, she's added another skill to share with you.

She attended massage therapy school in Lancaster, PA and graduated in 2024. As a new LMT, Jenna enjoys using her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to provide treatments in alignment with clients' wellness goals.

The art studio hasn't given up any space, but rather the business has expanded into another room to make massage therapy available in a beautiful, relaxing, private space. And of course, it's adorned with Jenna's artwork! You can schedule an appointment to receive a professional therapeutic massage in the new treatment space.

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