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1st Place Winner Inspired by the Library

I'm honored to share that the Lancaster County Art Association chose my artwork "Rainy Rooftops from the Library Window" as its first place artwork in the Professional category in the Winter Membership Exhibition! The judge was successful Lancaster artist, Carol Herr who said of my work, "This small piece really holds your interest with lots to look at. Great line work and color scheme. The composition is wonderful- the wall on the right and the tree and building on the left draw you into the piece." She went on to compliment my framing. Excuse me while I just dance with glee!

I started this 8"x10" painting at the public library on a rainy day when my small son couldn't tolerate being bored at home. It was a desperate situation in that I just NEEDED to paint. I had a deadline. I had a grumpy preschooler. I had a problem. Thankfully, once we arrived at the library we both had our needs met. I sat in the window and chose these rainy rooftops as the subject of a sketch and several photos. The sepia ink came later when back at the studio with the photos I took as references.

This isn't the only artwork I started that day. I also set up and took photo portrait of my son that become the watercolor painting "Levi at the Library (Mom Guilt)" which reminds me of my intense feelings of guilt at needing to work while my child wanted my attention too. The irony of the piece and title is that the child is content; it's the mother who is torn with guilt and pressure.

But wait, that's not all-- I have yet another artwork inspired by our public library. "EPL" is a colorful collage that I created alongside several children attending an art lesson with me as we studied the work of Stuart David and listened to jazz music. The original faded years ago but I still keep reproductions of it in cards because it's too joyful to just forget about. I hope these pieces will at least inspire you to check out your public library!

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