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A moment spent listening to, caring for, and connecting with yourself is powerful. Discover the potential of a moment at Mountain and Meadow Massage Therapy and Art Studio. My commitment to your well-being means that I provide individualized massage treatments with your wellness goals in mind and promote overall relaxation. Come experience the art of self-care with me.

Many of you are familiar with me as an artist and have followed this page for years. Painting is a central part of my own self-care therefore I share my artwork with the hope that it will serve as a beautiful reminder to take care of yourself and connect with others.  Each piece -from the tiny paintings set in jewelry to the largest paintings- is composed with intention to cultivate a sense of pause and reflection. Browse my collection to find a piece that will bring beauty, serenity, connection, and a moment of calm to your space. 

comfortable treatment table

Massage Treatments

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